Paradise Sunset Screensaver

Paradise Sunset Screensaver

Paradise Sunset Screensaver is a screensaver depicting a sunset at the beach
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Paradise Sunset Screensaver is a screensaver depicting a sunset at the beach. It offers only one cartoonish image with interactive elements. It includes lots of flying birds and other species that remain in one place, but move from time to time. There's also a ship that passes by now and then, and a dolphin that comes out of the water after some time. Among the animals you will see a toucan, parrots, a flamingo, a monkey, a leopard, etc., and there are also different flowers. The sounds of birds and water flowing are relaxing, although you may get tired of them after a while. Fortunately, you can mute them from the settings menu. The screensaver also includes a clock in one of its corners, but unfortunately, it has no music, and you can't add your own.
From the settings menu you will be able to change the flash size, quality, and background color. You will also be able to customize the exit conditions, with multiple options to choose.
In short, Paradise Sunset Screensaver is just another screensaver which doesn't have much variety and offers just one image, which is nice, but definitely not impressive. I'm sure you will find much better screensavers depicting a real sunset, with more relaxing images and sounds.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Free
  • Includes a clock
  • Pretty customizable
  • Lots of animals


  • No music
  • Only one image
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